We do it for the holes.

Clubs & Holes #2

“Welcome back to Clubs & Holes, where the madness never stops! This time, we’re hitting the greens at Sundale Country Club for another epic showdown. It’s #2 in the series, and the stakes are higher than ever as Paul, the reigning champ, defends his belt against Mike, Tecon, and the hilarious JR.

The action kicks off bright and early at 7:30 am, and Tecon wastes no time showing off his skills, leaving everyone in awe. But it’s not long before Mike steps up to challenge Paul, and the battle between these two titans heats up. Meanwhile, JR is providing the perfect blend of comedy and chaos, keeping everyone entertained with his antics.

As they reach hole 16, tensions are high, and Mike’s game starts to unravel. By hole 17, he’s in freefall, going a shocking 10 over par in just two holes! But it’s not all smooth sailing for Tecon either. As they approach the picturesque hole 18, complete with a serene pond and a family of ducks, disaster strikes. Tecon’s ball takes an unexpected dip into the water not once, not twice, but a whopping four times!

Meanwhile, Paul remains cool as a cucumber, sinking a birdie on hole 18 and securing yet another victory. He’s proven once again why he’s the undisputed champ of Clubs & Holes. So join us for another wild ride filled with laughter, drama, and a healthy dose of friendly competition. And remember, at Clubs & Holes, golf will never be the same!”

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